LEAD GENERATION:- including List Creation / List Enhancement / List Cleansing / Data Validation / Email Marketing / Event Promotions
We provide leads that are:

  • Only e-mail verified – We guarantee that the emails sent to these accounts will not bounce back.

All we need from you is the named accounts or the criteria to pull out the companies (example revenue / industry / employee size /) along with the job titles (any job titles like sales / IT/ operations / C level etc).
How we differ from other companies?

  • We offer customized market research and lead generation services to meet your business needs. It can be any country, any industry, any company and any title.
  • All information has to clear our internal quality parameters.
  • We give a commitment of more than 90% accuracy with complete integrity.
  • We have subscribed to over 80+ databases and have in-house capability to procure our own list (if required).
  • We provide 24 hours online customer support for all you queries related to our services and ongoing projects.

MARKET RESEARCH right from Questionnaire designing / List Procurement / Gathering information (Through qualitative & quantitative B2B and B2C interviews.) / Analyzing information.
Through market research we find out information around:

  • The market size (identifying what segment to market and how large is that segment)
  • Competitors in the market (old, new and emerging)
  • Technological developments (to reduce cost)
  • Buying behavior of potential consumers (frequency at which they buy and budget they will allocate)
  • Pain points of the existing customers (to create maximum brand loyalty)
  • Challenges faced by distributors and dealers (to facilitate timely delivery and understanding the expectations) etc.